New Years Eve. The ending of one chapter and the start of a new! The time to reflect, be grateful, set new goals and celebrate how far you’ve come.

Surrounded by bright lights, fireworks and thousands of hopefuls, excited for the new year to come, we find ourselves on the famous Las Vegas Strip, and although as locals we don’t frequent the strip very often, we are happy to be in our home city to ring in the new year. Every year they close the highways near the strip and give the iconic boulevard to the beautiful people of this diverse city. 

As we cross Tropicana and Las Vegas Boulevard, We quickly eye our watches to make sure we don’t miss the countdown. Five minutes and counting as we hold each other close. A record cold for Vegas this time of year, holding at a cool 37 degrees Fahrenheit, but still not as cold at Times Square, NY and we still have a Status of Liberty!

Here we go! The countdown begins…59, 58, 58….noise makers ready….30, 29, 28….the crowd is filling with excitement….10, 9, 8… last look in each other’s eyes for the year of 2018, ready for new adventures….5, 4, 3, 2, 1….our lips find each other so fast as we christen the new year with love and gratitude that we get to celebrate together. Suddenly we break out of our private bubble and realize all the screaming people around us. Noise makers, streamers, fireworks and strangers hugging each other exchanging the appropriate, Happy New Year!

In that moment, differences don’t matter, political parties disappear, hard and discrimination a non existent. We are all experiencing the dawning of a new year together, welcoming it with love and positive energy. May it always be like this. After all the people have gone, the fireworks faded, and all that’s left are streets of streamers and confetti, we bless this new year and send a prayer to the world that this year we love more, help more, hate less and focus on working together to make this world a better place!